Teacher of the Year Nomination Form 2020-2021

All West County Teachers are Eligible (Grades K-12)


The Sebastopol Rotary Education Foundation seeks nominations for the most outstanding West Sonoma County teachers. 

Three Teachers to be Selected: This year awards will go to three teachers, one in each of these categories:

  • New Teacher

  • Innovative Teacher(s)"

  • Career Service Teacher

*Innovative Teacher Nomination: You may nominate one teacher or a group of teachers. We have changed the nomination form to allow this option. You will still need to identify one key teacher from one school, but you can then add additional teacher names as part of the group that you want recognized. That group, if selected, will share the $1000 award. This group award option applies to the Innovative Teacher category only. 


New Teacher Award: We want to honor one new teacher, with three or fewer years in the profession. New teachers often face daunting challenges as they come to grips with the task of actually educating students in the classroom. Too often, their effort is unrecognized. We'd like to correct that so that you have the opportunity to show one of your new teachers how much you respect the effort they are putting in to become a great educator. 

Innovative Teacher(s) Award: The second category honors a teacher who has promoted an innovation or creative approach that has had a material impact on your school or district. We appreciate that between the introduction of new technologies, unexpected challenges, and new obligations, schools are constantly searching for creative solutions that improve the quality of the education they offer to students. Management experts like to point out that some of the best ideas come from the bottom up. We agree and want to encourage your teachers to offer ideas and insights that make what you do better. 


This year, as noted above, we are offering two options for the the Innovative Teacher category: you may nominate an individual teacher, or a group of teachers. The nomination form allows both options. 

Career Service Teacher Award: The third teacher honoree will be selected based on our historic criteria. He or she may come from an elementary, middle or high school, and has had a long, valued career at your school. 


Nominations closed on Friday April 16, 2021 at midnight.

Thank you to all those who took the time to provide a nomination.


2019-2020 Awards

The Sebastopol Rotary Education Foundation (SREF) is pleased to honor 2019-2020 Teachers of the Year:   

Mary Jo Kinser, Pleasant Hill Christian School for a career of great performance and leadership; Sydnee Mardell, Twin Hills Charter Middle School for her stellar performance as a new teacher;  and Joe Maloney, Laguna HIgh School for his innovations to improve curriculum and career opportunities
Read the Full Press Release Here


Julie Aiello, Kindergarten, Parkside School
Tim Forslund, Social Studies, Analy High School
Amanda Reece, Special Education, West Sonoma County Special Education Consortium
Sonoma West Times Article


Jolene Johnson, Dance Teacher, El Molino High School
Karen McKenna, 6th Grade English and History, Twin Hills Middle School
Jeff Stucker, 6th Grade English and History, Brook Haven School
Sonoma West Times Article


​Kate O'Brien,Kindergarten,  Sunridge School
Sara Gramm, 3rd Grade, Parkside School
Adam Alcorn, Special Education, Analy High School
Sonoma West Times Article


Nicole Ellwood, Special Education Twin Hills Middle School
Katya Robinson, West Sonoma County Special Education Consortium
Walt Hayes, Applied Arts & Technology, Analy High School
Sonoma West Times Article


​Sunny Galbraith, Orchard View School
Greg Corby, Brook Haven School
Mike Roan, El Molino High School
Sonoma West Times Article


Mary Fitch, Physical Sciences, Twin Hills Charter School
Sarah Prosser, 4th Grade, Sun Ridge Waldorf School
Lynn Stewart, English Language Learners, El Molino High School


Andy DelMonte, Choir, Analy High School
John Thomas, English, El Molino High School


Gianna De Persis Vona, English, Laguna High School
Rachel Lasek, Math, El Molino High School


Joe Compagno, Science, Analy High School
Vance Regan, Instrumental Music, Analy High School


Bill Olzman, Social Studies/English, El Molino High School
Lynette Williamson, English/Rhetoric, Analy High School


John Grech, Social Studies, El Molino High School
Cathy Wiese, Special Eduaction, Analy High School